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We understand and acknowledge that our activities will have an impact on the local communities and the environment. We care deeply about our responsibility to preserving and protecting nature and ecosystems, and the human rights, health, safety and security and the environment in which they live. We are committed to balancing the social, economic, technical and ecological needs so that our activities do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

As a responsible company, Dynamic will engage fully in our duty to contribute to the social and economic development of the country in general and of the communities within the mining area in particular, while protecting the environment and respecting the customs, traditions and dignity of the local communities, so as to obtain and retain our social licence to conduct our operations. We are responsible for developing capabilities and social capital, by investing in our people and organizing programs that influence local conditions of local communities linked to mining activity and to promote sustainable development.

CSR Activities


Our first & foremost priority is to provide a secure, healthy and safe working environment. We take a dedicated approach to the health & safety of our employees, our Contractor’s staff and employees, as well as the local communities within the areas impacted by our operations.

Safe behaviours and safe work conditions are guided by a combination of simple, essential but non-negotiable Rules for Life, ongoing Training & Awareness and Visible Felt Leadership (VFLs) whose ultimate objective is to achieve Zero Harm.


As part of our commitment to our Sustainability Policy we have developed a number of policies and programmes to deliver Sustainable Development.


  • Providing support to village schools in the form of books, and other educational material, awarding prizes through competitions to motivate children and working with the local administration to identify solutions together towards the improvement of children’s education.

Water and Natural Resources:

  • Monitoring the quality and quantity of surface and ground water.
  • Installation and repair of affected community wells to ensure potable supply of water.
  • Minimizing the use of water and other natural resources by avoiding the unnecessary use and utilizing options with the lowest impacts, whenever possible.


  • The protection of biodiversity, natural habitats and ecosystems are an integral component of Sustainable Development and key consideration during the design , implementation, operation and closure/post closure phases of Bon Ami Project.
  • Biodiversity management is guided by IFC PS6, with involvement, consultation and engagement of stakeholders (local communities, local authorities, Guinea Government Conservation authorities; Conservation NGOs; the IUCN).


  • Organising periodically health Camps and raising awareness on malaria/ HIV / AIDS prevention with our workers and the communities.
  • Working with the health administration in the local area to improve the health infrastructure and care in the area.

Local Content:

  • Bon Ami has prepared a Local Content Strategy aimed at maximizing Guinean employment and procurement. This Local Content Strategy is a breakthrough initiative for the Region of Boke, it establishes a commitment by Bon Ami and its contractors and development of key performance indicators. Including provision of training to the communities and the Guinean workforce, and career development within the project. Local Content is a priority for the Ministry of Mines, not only in terms of social and economic benefits but also political. The Local Content Strategy prepared by Dynamic Mining and approved by the Government will be a catalyst for change in the Boke Region.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, Dynamic Mining has developed a Sustainability Policy based on the following principles:

  • To provide value to our shareholders, Guinean Government and the communities.
  • To comply with, and exceed, where practicable, all Guinean legislation and Good International Industry Practices (GIIP).
  • To embed sustainability into all business decisions.
  • FC Performance Standards and Equator Principles.
  • To conduct all business with integrity and honesty.
  • To avoid, and/or minimize impacts, and where avoidance is not possible offset residual impacts.
  • To ensure all staff, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers are aware of the Dynamic Mining Sustainability Policy.
  • To develop sustainability targets and to continually strive to improve our sustainability performance.
  • To recognize that integration of community concerns and protection of natural resources in the early planning phases and engagement supports sustainable development, helps keep livelihoods, natural resources and land for future generations, leading to more constructive outcomes, dialogue and reduces the risks of community conflict.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • We recognize the importance of setting up meaningful consultation and communication with stakeholders, fostering two-way communication, and ensuring our relationship with communities is based on mutual cooperation and trust. At Bon Ami, a good working relationship has been established with the communities and the local authorities. This relationship has been reinforced during construction and sustained through production phases. Community Liaison Officers are recruited from local communities to enhance culturally contextualized from the communities stakeholder engagement strategy.


  • The Bon Ami Project has committed to using a progressive rehabilitation approach, utilizing locally existing indigenous plant species, establishing tree nurseries, undertaking trials and tests to minimize exposure of barren earth as much as possible.


Dynamic Mining strives to maintain the highest ethical standards, to respect local culture and traditions, and to comply with the laws and regulations of the Guinea Republic. We endeavor to meet and, when possible, exceed the mandatory compliance requirements of our agreements with the Government of Guinea, our Lenders and other stakeholders. We are also committed to several voluntary measures that go beyond our legal obligations.

These voluntary initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards;
  • Equator Principles;
  • Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR);
  • Applicable ISO and industry standards.

We hold all employees, regardless of their position, responsible for respecting both their fellow employees and the communities around our operations. We also expect that the companies with which we work (business partners, suppliers and subcontractors) maintain the same level and commitment to ethical, responsible & sustainable behaviors and practices.

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