Dynamic Mining

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Dynamic Mining commissioned the services of BEEDD to carry out the regulatory Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIES) for the Bon Ami project. The Guinean Environmental authorities, the Guinean Bureau of Environmental Studies and Evaluation (BGEEE) and the Technical Committee for Environmental Analysis (CTAE) reviewed and validated the EIES and granted the Environmental Certificate in August 25, 2017. Subsequently, new technical options were developed and the Guinean Government requested an update of the EIES. The revision of the regulatory EIES was conducted in 2018 and was finalized in February 2019, following a Public Consultation event in Boke Prefecture and a Public Hearing with Government officials in Conakry. The Government granted the Environment Certificate for the revised regulatory EIES.

The Dynamic Mining made a decision to align the Bon Ami Project with Good International Industry Practices (GIIP), including the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy and its Performance Standards. Dynamic Mining is now in the process of undertaking additional studies, in particular regarding biodiversity to supplement the regulatory EIES. Studies completed include a preliminary Natural and Critical Habitat Assessment and a Land Use and Land Use Change Analysis. Further studies were done and licsense was renewed.

In addition, the project has completed a Resettlement and Compensation Framework that defines the general resettlement principles, the eligibility criteria, and the entitlement matrix.

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